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HEXEN or NEH is scientifically known as “N-Ethylhexedrone”. It is a drug of cathinone class having psychoactive properties. The drugs having psychoactive properties act on the central nervous system of the body and enhance the creative ability of the body. The drug exists in the form of pure white crystals while the crystals are also crushed to get the powder form of the drug. HEXEN is usually administered by oral means while it can also be smoked or insufflated. The chemical formula of HEXEN is “2-(ethylamino)-1-phenylhexan-1-one” while the molecular formula of HEXEN is ‎C14H21NO. The molecular weight of N-Ethylhexedrone is 219.33 g/mol.

The purity of the HEXEN crystal is usually greater than 98%. The standard storage temperature for HEXEN crystals is room temperature.

HEXEN or N-Ethylhexedrone primarily exists in the form of white crystals while the powder form of the drug is also available. HEXEN is related to the drugs of the cathinone class while it has found close similarities with a-PVP, NEP, and crack-cocaine.

Streets and Chemical Name of HEXEN

HEXEN or NEH is the brand name used for the chemical compound of N-Ethylhexedrone. The other names that the drug is known by are α-ethylaminocaprophenone and N-ethylnorhexedrone.


HEXEN is used for multi-purpose such as for scientific and medical purposes. The medicinal use of HEXEN involves a prescription for low energy, anxiety, and depression. It enhances the creative ability of human brains and provides energy to the body. Feelings of social confidence and motivation are felt by the users which help them coping in society.

HEXEN is also used as a recreational drug.

How it’s taken 

A light dose of HEXEN drug is in the range of 15 – 30 mg while a commonly administered dose of the drug is 30 – 40 mg. Any dose of HEXEN above the threshold value of 50 mg is considered to be an overdose. An overdose of HEXEN can cause difficulties and complication for the users as side effects of the drug begin to become more apparent with the passage of time


The effects of HEXEN include cognitive and subjective experiences. HEXEN produces a feeling of high on administration affecting the functioning of the central nervous system. HEXEN is also addictive in nature with strong addiction liability. The long-term effects of the drug include experiencing anxiety and depression by the users.



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