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BMDP is a research chemical that falls in the synthetic cathinone class This research chemical is very similar to methylone. BMDP is a new research chemical and as a result, there is not an overwhelming amount of reports about experimental findings.

However, preliminary reports have demonstrated experimental findings that include stimulation, spontaneous physical sensations, tactile enhancement, disinhibition, anxiety suppression, thought acceleration, motivation enhancement, empathy enhancement, and increased music appreciation. Make sure that you always use proper laboratory safety procedures and wear your goggles when you are experimenting with BMDP. It is potent, so do not use measurements that are large

We offer cheap bmdp powder and crystals which is the legal replacement of methylone. Methylone is now a scheduled banned research chemical, so we can no longer offer it to our clients since we only sell legal chemical for research purposes to our highly valued clients. We focus more on quality, price, legality and most especially, the safety of our clients. since we believe we can get more revenue from our existing client rather than supply trash to clients and make them run away from us. Buying bmdp crystals online from us is as simple as ABC. we have made the ordering process simple and more importantly as discreet as possible.

How it’s taken 


Light: 25 – 50 mg

Common: 50 – 100 mg or 100 – 150 mg

Strong: 150+ mg

Accordingly, the common dose range depends on what effects you’re looking for. A lower amount (50 – 100 mg) . And this is better for productivity. While a higher amount (100 – 150 mg) usually makes the drug more recreational.

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Furthermore, even though there is an ever growing competition in the drug market, we are focused on maximizing client satisfaction. Hence we offer the best prices on the most pure and uncut stimulants in the drug market.


Although we offer the best quality, at any rate, in like manner, consumption of 4-Fluoroamphetamine can really have some indeed truly effects.

Positive and also specifically some negative effects. For example;


  • Euphoria
  • Mood improvement
  • Music enhancement
  • Increased talking
  • Physical euphoria
  • Disinhibition
  • Increased empathy
  • Increased sociability


  • Bruxism
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite suppression
  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure




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