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Research result shows that Ephylone has similar effects as to ethylone. So this product is intended for forensic applications,and not intended for human or animal consumption .BK-EBDP ephylone is a legal designer chemical or research chemical, is legit chemicals vendor and suppliers providing research chemicals for 5 years. by purchasing at our online shop site you will get a safe and easy shopping experience , and this is where to buy best and cheap china research chemicals the USA, Europe, UK Nederland Canada research chemical sources. Ephylone which passes what they’re known as BK-Ethyl-K and BK-EBDP can be a chemical within the class substituted cathinones. It is associated with a wave of substituted cathinones which have emerged lately that there are little info on individuals to drink. Ephylone could be the N-methyl analogue in the cathinone pentylone.

Due to the structural similarity of pentylone to ephylone as well as the dearth of quality more knowledge about ephylone it’s worth outlining the characteristics of pentylone who’ve similar effects.

Everybody in the cathinone class become norephedrine reuptake inhibitors. Individual individuals from the category vary inside their inclination towards either serotonin or dopamine reuptake inhibition. Further with this many people in the class will probably release monoamines than these. As an example, mephedrone can be a more powerful serotonin reuptake inhibitor and may release serotonin in the fashion such as the party drug MDMA. Pentylone and 4 MEC in comparison hinder reuptake of three monoamines to have an equal degree and releases serotonin more weakly.

Ephylone/ BK-Ethyl-K/ BK-EBDP differs in structure from pentylone through getting an ethyl as opposed to the methyl substituent within the nitrogen. Both compounds have a very dioxymethyl group fused for the benzene ring plus a propyl alkyl chain substituted within the alpha position. Yet you need to observe that even small modifications in structure may have huge outcomes of chemicals at binding sites.


Ephylone is a research chemical with a very short history of human usage. Very little is known about its long-term health effects and the exact toxic dosage is unknown. Numerous reports of hospitalizations and overdose deaths indicate that ephylone is extremely toxic at very high dosages.

Its effects commonly include: Anxiety Cognitive fatigue Depression Irritability Motivation suppression Thought deceleration Wakefulness 1 Anxiety 2 Cognitive fatigue 3 Depression 4 Irritability 5 Motivation suppression 6 Thought deceleration 7 Wakefulness


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