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5F-MDMB-2201 is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid that acts as a potent agonist of the CB₁ receptor. Thus ,it is sold online as a designer drug. Pfizer invented this drug in 2008. However, it is a potent cannabinoid agonists.

5F-MDMB-2201 is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid (CB) that is structurally related to AB-FUBINACA. A 4-fluorophenyl group substitutes the cyclohexyl group. consequently, it has a high affinity ligand for the central CB1. It bears a cyclohexyl group, thus it is structurally related to AB-CHMINACA. However, the methyl ester group replaces the terminal aminocarbonyl moiety  and the tert-butyl group substitutes the isobutyl moiety. This compound has unknown physiological and toxicological properties. Also, forensic and research applications are the uses of this product. It is a complex biochemical, and has various uses in in-vitro experimentation and as a calibration or reference sample in many forensic and mass spectrometry labs.

User Experience 

Laboratory experiments typically yield findings of relaxation, feelings of bodily lightness, elevated mood, stress reduction, color enhancement, increased music appreciation, and euphoria

How it’s taken 

A good dosage of 5F MDMB 2201 is 100 mg. How to take 5F MDMB 2201? Use 100 mg 5F MDMB 2201 capsules as you would any form of other medicine. When taking 5F MDMB 2201, take the capsules one at a time. Take a bottle of water with you before consuming 5F MDMB 2201. With each bottle of water, take five capsules. Take one more bottle of water and one more bottle of water after that. Consume the two bottles of water one after the other. Take the capsules 2 hours before going to sleep. Take 2 hours after waking up and 5 minutes before going to bed. Consume every 8 hours. Do not use more than 20 capsules daily. Side effects of 5F MDMB 2201? Taking a good dosage of 5F MDMB 2201 is safe and without side effects.


There is very little published research on this particular research chemical. However, there is a wealth of anecdotal first-hand reports available online. It has been used by many as a pain reliever, anti-anxiety treatment and a muscle relaxant, though it is not licensed for this use in any known jurisdiction.

5F-MDMB is associated with a strong sense of physical euphoria, the so-called ‘body high’. Ironically, it can produce anxiety or paranoia in some users, at least according to reports. Dizziness and nausea have also been reported, though to a lesser extent. Rarely, some users have reported a feeling of vertigo. Lastly, this is said to cause fairly intense drowsiness compared to other chemicals of the same type.


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